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Understanding Nail Products

No single nail enhancement product is damaging to the nails. The damage done to a person’s nails is in the aggressive and careless removal of any enhancement.


Careful, healthy, non-damaging removal takes time and should not be rushed in any way.


Although a swift removal either by overly drilling off all the product or prying off acrylic with a nail tip may make a nail technician’s job easier, it does a lot of damage and we never condone either method for any reason.


A gentle nail removal will maintain the integrity of the nail plate and keep your nails healthy, so always go to a salon that will take precautions to make sure your enhancements are removed.


You can trust that our technicians at Xtra will always prioritize the health of your nails and will never put you at risk. Your wellness has always been and will always be our priority. So go on, experiment with your enhancements and find the one that fits you best!

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