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Nail Art Tiers

How to book your nail art times

Nail art is an additional extra that you can add onto your service. It must be booked in advance so that enough time is booked out for your required design. Different designs have different timings and pricing. I've created this guide to help you decide which tier is right for you. If you're still unsure you can always drop me a DM on Facebook or Instagram, or email me on

Question about which tier to book or what your nail art will cost?

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Tier 1

15 minutes or less

This is the simplest option for nail art and includes very basic designs like basic french, stamps, dots, full coverage glitter. transfer foil and chrome.

$1 a minute

Tier 2

30 Mins

This tier includes fun french, basic ombre nails, velvet patterns, sweaters, marble and other basic designs.

$1 minute 

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Beige Fashion Gallery Package Promotion Facebook Post.png

Tier 3

45 mins

More complex designs and a mix of different mediums. Examples include alternative french with additional designs, extreme animal print, stars and hearts on all nails.

$1 minute

Up to 45 minutes

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Tier 4

60 mins

This tier is for the most detailed and intricate hand-drawn designs.

This would include basic cartooning on at least 6 fingers or extreme nail gems.  

If you are looking for extreme nail art on all nails, feel free to reach out an send an example of what you are interested in and we can guide you on how to book accordingly.


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